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Slip Control Braking Vehicle Tests Completed

last modified Nov 06, 2013 11:05 AM
Researchers in the CVDC recently completed the first set of full scale straight-line braking tests on the CVDC's new slip control braking system.

The team was led by Leon Henderson and the work was performed in collaboration with Haldex Brake Products Ltd.  The CVDC's tri-axle semitrailer was fitted with the new system and tested on a range of low friction surfaces at the MIRA vehicle testing facility near Nuneaton, UK.  The measurements compared the emergency braking performance of the CVDC’s slip control braking system and a commercially available antilock braking system (ABS) for heavy goods vehicle (HGVs). Results showed that stopping distances could, on average, be reduced by 16% using the new system. Air use was also reduced by 50%; providing scope to potentially use smaller air reservoirs on HGVs. A short video showing the emergency braking performance of the two systems’ on a surface with friction properties similar to ice can be seen on Youtube ( Further HGV braking trials using the new system are being planned for 2014, when it is hoped to obtain even better stopping performance. More information about the technology can be found at:

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