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Cambridge Vehicle Dynamics Consortium


Research aimed at improving the performance of ABS systems in heavy vehicles.

Current heavy vehicle ABS uses an inefficient heuristic control approach, which works on cycles of predicting and superseding the limits of tyre-road adhesion, and then reducing brake pressure to allow the wheel to rotate again. An alternative approach to ABS is wheel slip control, which optimizes tyre slip continuously during braking, thereby maximizing deceleration while maintaining vehicle maneuverability. The goal of this research project is to develop a practical wheel slip control system suitable for commercial use on articulated vehicles. The investigation includes studies of novel methods of actuation, advanced controller designs, and integrated parameter estimation algorithms.

Vehicle tests recently carried out using the CVDC's slip control braking system (incorporating the group's own high-speed ABS modulator valves) achieved significant reductions in stopping distance and air consumption compared to a conventional HGV ABS system. Video footage of one of the braking tests can be found on Youtube, or downloaded using the link below.

Further Information

Video of novel ABS Valve

Professor David  Cebon
Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Dr Leon  Henderson
Research Associate