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Cambridge Vehicle Dynamics Consortium

About the Consortium

The 'Cambridge Vehicle Dynamics Consortium' is a collaboration between a group of companies from the heavy truck industry and engineers from Cambridge University who have joined forces to develop better heavy goods vehicles.

The Consortium includes companies from various sectors of the industry concerned with vehicle dynamics and suspension design. The current members include Camcon, Denby Transport, Firestone, Goodyear, Haldex SIMPACK, Mektronika Systems, MIRA, Poclain Hydraulics, SDC Trailers, Tinsley Bridge, Tridec BV,  Volvo Trucks and Wincanton.  The membership is continuing to expand, and companies are being sought from other sectors of the heavy vehicle industry.

By having just one member company from each sector, the companies can meet and work together in a non-competing, co-operative environment. The main focus of the Consortium's research is to develop improved suspensions which maximise truck safety, minimise road damage and improve ride, productivity and fuel consumption. The research concentrates on optimising existing suspension components and  investigating advanced concept suspensions with computer-controlled 'active' and 'semi-active' elements. The work involves computer modelling, laboratory testing of prototype hardware and field trials of instrumented vehicles.

Members of the Consortium pay an annual membership fee and provide contributions 'in kind' to assist the research. The Steering Committee consists of representatives of each sponsor and University researchers. It meets twice yearly, proposes research projects and monitors performance. See our invitation to industry document for further information on the consortium. Any other questions can be answered by contacting Professor David Cebon, at

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Latest news

Haldex Licenses CVDC Slip-control Braking Technology

31 March 2018

CVDC Member Haldex Brake Products recently signed a license agreement with the University of Cambridge to exploit the CVDC's slip-control pneumatic braking technology for truck brakes. Haldex is developing the technology and has prototypes running on test tracks. An interesting article was published by Reuters this week...

Tridec releases Path-Following Steering

16 June 2015

Tridec releases path-following steering system

Latest Publications

11 June 2015

Latest Publications from the CVDC